V-MODA Faders Tuned Metal Earplugs – Gunmetal Black

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V-MODA Faders Tuned Metal Earplugs – Gunmetal Black Description

Color:Gunmetal  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Description Prevent hearing loss! Faders VIP tuned earplugs are essential at clubs, concerts, racing, music practice and events. Constructed from metal for the best sound, Faders VIP reduces harmful noise levels evenly by 12dB. This ensures music and speech passes through with crystal clarity. Faders VIP comes with BLISS hybrid silicone fittings in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L) enabling a universally tailored fit for ears of all sizes. Practice safe sound with or without strings attached by making use of the detachable lanyard. Use the pendant case for safe storage and easy access. Keep your protection on you by wearing it around your neck. Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable yet affects millions of people every year, include one out of five American teenagers. Hearing loss is forever, so practice safe sound. From the Manufacturer Prevent Hearing Loss. Know the Danger. Click here to reveal more V-MODA FadersTM VIP : Tuned Metal Earplugs w/ Detachable Cord and Carrying Case Prevent hearing loss by reducing harmful noise levels evenly by 12dB* across the spectrum. Hear music and speech with crystal clarity while protecting your ears. Featuring four sizes of universal fittings (XS, S, M, L) and tuned by professional DJs, producers and doctors, Faders are the world’s finest earplugs. Defend your Ears, Preserve the Clarity – Conventional earplugs often sound muffled and others, including customs, can be positioned too deep within the ear canal compromising the overall sound. Universal BLISS Fit (XS, S, M, L) – Four sizes of medical grade BLISS 3.0 hybrid-silicone fittings are included to perfectly fit ears of all sizes, even the smallest and largest of ears. Your fit determines the sound and comfort, so you can fine-tune your experience without costly and time-consuming earmolds. Detachable Cord – Practice safe sound, string or no-string attached by using the detachable cord and unscrewing it from the earplugs. Carrying Case – Use the included case for safe storage and easy access. Keep it in your pocket or wear it around your neck. Music & Event Essential – Practice safe sound at clubs, concerts, racing, music performances or any event. Musicians and DJs can use Faders to rehearse and play live, even under headphones such as the V-MODA Crossfade. Hearing Loss Epidemic – One in five teenagers has incurred noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) due to the increased usage of personal music players, smartphones, loud speakers and more. Millions of people permanently damage their hearing every year. Faders VIP will help preserve your hearing for life. The Ear Armor Story – V-MODA products all have a story and are developed based on modern customer’s needs. Faders were fine-tuned for nearly two years by a legion of professional producers, musicians and DJs in real-life environments, labs and on the road. V-MODA’s founder and DJ, Val Kolton developed the Faders with world-renowned musicians Erick Morillo and the Manufactured Superstars. Their mission was to make an affordable, universal earplug that performs better than expensive custom earplugs. In The Loop – A portion of all proceeds go to the ‘In The Loop Foundation’, a non-profit organization founded by the Kolton family to help educate and promote ‘practicing safe sound’. In The Loop Foundation also provides scholarships for deserving individuals to pursue their audio dreams. What the Critics are Saying About the V-MODA Faders VIP ‘Now you don’t need to choose between enduring deafening noise levels at, say, a rock concert, and looking like a dork with those endemic squishy orange earplugs.’ -LA Times ‘For those that think cheap foam earplugs are too stifling, the Faders are a no brainer.’ -Sound and Vision Mag ‘Normal foam earplugs smother details. Faders are like turning the world’s volume knob left- the world gets quieter, but the details remain’ -Jude, Head-Fi *EPA’s Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for Faders is 10-15 dB. V-MODA lab measurements show that properly worn Faders can average up to 20 dB reduction across frequencies.

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