Navigon 7200T 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigation with Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech, and Free Traffic Alerts

Navigon 7200T 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigation with Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech, and Free Traffic Alerts Description

Product Description For those looking for both style and substance, the NAVIGON 7200T is a standout among other GPS devices. Behind the 7200T¿s elegantly designed extra-wide Flat-Panel touchscreen you will find an experience unlike any other with features that are both useful and exclusive to NAVIGON. Like Free Real-Time Traffic Updates, alerting you automatically of traffic issues ahead and rerouting you with the touch of a button ¿ all for the life of your device. Features like Voice Destination Entry allow you to simply enter addresses by voice while Bluetooth Hands-Free and Reality View Pro make navigating the road ahead easier and less stressful. Landmark View 3D adds a new dimension to your navigation experience with hundreds of landmarks displayed in richly textured 3D. The 7200T also includes a host of other features that will help guide you through your travels, like Advanced Text-to-Speech, DirectHelp, and Lane Assistant Pro. From the Manufacturer Amazon.com navigon 7200 Manufacturer’s Review (August 22, 2008) For those looking for both style and substance, the Navigon 7200T combines an elegantly designed black housing with an extra-wide 4.3-inch flatscreen  that provides photo-realistic images of virtually every highway intersection and exit complete with sign text and lane guidance. Pre-loaded with maps of both the U.S. and Canada, the 7200T comes with free real-time traffic updates (for the life of the device) and allows users to reroute with the touch of a button. Other features include Bluetooth handsfree communication when paired with your cell phone, text-to-speech capabilities for turn-by-turn directions with street names, ZAGAT restaurant ratings and reviews, and millions of pre-loaded points of interest. The Navigon 7200T features a widescreen 4.3-inch LCD, real-time traffic updates for life, Bluetooth communication capabilities, and voice destination entry. Never miss your exit again with the photo-realistic Reality View Pro with actual road signs and lane guidance. The features and functions of the Navigon 7200T are controlled via intuitive, easy-to-use animated menus that use predictive text input to quickly and easily select your city, state and address. It comes pre-loaded with complete maps of the U.S. and Canada, providing you with superbly accurate, seamless door-to-door directions wherever your vehicular travels might take you. It’s powered by a 600 MHz Centrality Titan I processor and runs the Microsoft Windows CE Net 5.0 operating system. You can load additional optional maps via MicroSD memory cards or by connecting to your PC with the USB 2.0 port. Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life Only Navigon gives you free real-time traffic updates for the life of your device. No subscriptions or additional hardware needed. Just open the box, turn it on, and get instant access to traffic information ahead. The Navigon 7200T alerts you of traffic troubles and provides alternate routes  for more than 110 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Whether the jam is caused by congestion, accidents or construction, our familiar red-yellow color-coding with incident icons makes it easy to tell exactly what’s going on, where it is and with one click, the best way to get around it. Voice Destination Entry With the Navigon 7200T, you can focus on the road ahead without having to manually type in an address again. Simply speak the city, street and number and the 7200T will input each one field by field. In case you need additional guidance, Navigon’s simple to use iconic menus will lead the way. See upcoming landmarks with Landmark View 3D. Landmark View 3D Landmark View 3D shows the best-known buildings across the U.S. and Canada in richly textured 3D. From the Empire State Building to Grauman’s Chinese Theater and hundreds of landmarks in between, the Navigon 7200T lets you enjoy a new dimension in navigation. Reality View Pro Never miss your exit again. The next generation of Reality View provides more coverage in more places. Reality View Pro displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit you will encounter. Lane Assistant Pro With the newest generation of Lane Assistant you’ll never question which lane you should be driving in again. Lane Assistant Pro provides clear visual lane guidance complete with lane maps and arrows that indicate exactly which lane will keep you on course. Bluetooth Hands-Free with Contacts The 7200T features Bluetooth technology that turns your device into a hands-free speakerphone, so you can hold on to your conversations while keeping both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Plus, the touch screen allows you to access your phone contacts and with one simple touch place a call. As an added feature, you can import your Microsoft Outlook contacts to your 7200T with Navigon Sync. Advanced Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance Keep your eyes on the road and let Navigon’s advanced text-to-speech technology audibly guide you turn by turn with actual street names. Providing you more than simple turn-by-turn directions, the 7200T gives you additional guidance with full street names. Advanced phonetic technology ensures street names are pronounced clearly and correctly. See what POIs are at the next exit with the help of Exit Guide. Exit Guide With Navigon’s Exit Guide, you won’t have to guess what points of interest are in the next exit or the next ten exits. This feature lets you scroll through each upcoming exit by number and search for the right restaurant, gas station, hotel, rest area, auto repair shop or store. Innovative Design The 7200T takes Navigon’s love for design one step further with a device that was crafted to attract attention. The ultra-thin, jet-black exterior is complemented by an innovative, 4.3-inch Flat Panel Touchscreen, a technology that results in a sleek, frameless design. Beauty is more than skin deep and the 7200T delivers on the inside with a software interface and map that is elegantly designed and intuitive. ZAGAT Ratings and Reviews In addition to millions of POIs, the Navigon 7200T puts ZAGAT ratings and reviews for over 27,000 locations in 110 cities across the U.S. and Canada, at your fingertips. So whether you’re looking for the best restaurant, hotel, golf course, nightclub, or attraction–you’ll always know the perfect place to wine, dine, stay and play. DirectHelp It doesn’t know CPR but it can help you find someone who does. Just push a button and get instant directions and phone numbers to the nearest hospitals, police stations, tow truck companies and pharmacies. The screen will display your exact location, so you know where you are and they know how to find you. Fast and Friendly Software Powered by Navigon’s next generation software, the 7200T is fast and easy to use. You’ll be able to enter your destination and generate a route in less than half the time. The Smart Speller feature anticipates and predicts the street you’re searching for, requiring fewer screen ‘clicks’ than any other portable GPS device to get you on your way. Smarter and more intuitive POI searches via our widescreen tabbed interface make looking for a special destination easy. Instant Fix II GPS Receiver With Navigon’s new SiRF InstantFix II GPS receiver, your device will lock onto a GPS satellite and find a signal in a matter of seconds. Plus it can even minimize the effects of tall buildings and trees, so you have a strong signal wherever the road may take you. Other Useful Features Multi-Destination Trip Planning. Plan your entire trip at one time. Millions of pre-loaded points of interest (POIs), including restaurants, gas stations, retailers, and more. Speed Assistant. Displays speed limit and can warn you if you are exceeding it. Auto-off Feature. Turns off your system when you turn off your car. Auto Day/Night Mode. Adjusts your screen for better daytime or nighttime viewing. Navigon FreshMaps. Optional subscription to keep your map up-to-date for three years. What’s in the Box Navigon 7200T, pre-loaded maps for U.S. and Canada, car mount, adapter for dashboard mounting (plastic disk), car charger, Quick Start Guide

Navigon 7200T 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigation with Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech, and Free Traffic Alerts how to buy

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