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Blumoo Smart Remote Control Description

Product Description The small but mighty Blumoo turns your mobile devices into high-end remote controls allowing you to control all your equipment and stream your music all through the Blumoo Mobile App. Blumoo is super simple to setup. Simply place Blumoo in the room, plug it in, and download the app to get started. The mobile app has been designed to be super easy to navigate, yet fully customizable to do what you need. From the Manufacturer Everything a remote control should be Blumoo makes watching TV smarter by instantly connecting your Apple and Android devices to your home entertainment equipment. With Blumoo and the free mobile application, you can control all of your entertainment equipment, find what’s on TV, and even stream your favorite music through your existing audio system all directly from your phone, tablet, and Apple Watch Super simple installation Blumoo is easy and quick to set up! Place Blumoo in the room, plug in the power and audio cable, download the mobile app, and follow the setup wizard to tell Blumoo what to control. Easy peasy! You’ll be ready in less than 5 minutes. TV Guide on your phone Blumoo’s interactive channel guide saves time, allowing you to search shows and find detailed information right from the Blumoo app. No more random channel surfing or using slow on-screen guides. Personalize for your family Blumoo’s cloud syncing feature allows every mobile device in the house to have access to the remote. Customize your remote layouts to create and edit one touch buttons so anyone can set up the TV, movies, Xbox, music and more. It’s too easy. Stream your tunes Whether your sound system is wireless or wired, Blumoo has a powerful Bluetooth receiver built in that lets you play your favorite music (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) from up to 150 feet away! That’s 5X farther than most music streamers. Just connect the included audio cable to your audio system. Say goodbye to your auxiliary cord! Support for over 250,000 devices Our massive database ensures all your equipment is supported About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Control, Interact, Stream How did you come up with the idea for this product? I got tired of the 5 different clunky remote controls I had sitting on the coffee table and the fact that I was the only one in the family that actually knew how to use them. I wanted to create a ‘universal’ remote control that was truly easy to set-up and simple for everyone in the family to use. Mobile devices are always tethered to us anyway, why not just control everything from all the different mobile devices we have? What makes your product special? Blumoo is the smartest remote control – we have wrapped the entire entertainment experience into one, easily accessible, interface that’s available to all your family members through any iOS or Android device. In the Blumoo mobile application, you can seamlessly control all of your equipment, customize and create one-touch (macro) buttons to simplify equipment setup, use our on-board smart channel guide to find your shows, and – to top it off – Blumoo HomeBase has an integrated long-range (150’) Bluetooth music receiver so you can stream music through any existing audio system with an RCA input. What has been the best part of your startup experience? have always been a product guy, producing for large brand companies. The best part about running a startup is the close interaction that the entire development team has with our customers. There is no better way to make the best products than to have this direct line of communication helping us understand, learn, and update the product quickly to ensure we are always providing the best experience. We’d love to hear from you too – contact us at!

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